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Why I Started a Blog

I Was Told I Couldn’t Write.

A day came that I was told that I wasn’t an effective writer.

Those few words ripped me open. I felt like an American Idol contestant who sang her heart out only for Simon Cowell to cruelly say, “get a new life.”

Damaging Self-Talk.

I walked around like a zombie for a few months afterwards. I questioned my ability to reach people. As an empath, I found it impossible to believe that I couldn’t provide an evocative message.

I momentarily became concerned that my very purpose in life was a lie.

I have always felt that writing was my way to connect emotionally and positively with the world. I wondered whether writing was not the proper vehicle for me to do that.

The Hell No Moment.

I nursed my wounds for a while. I reassessed my talent. And, I evaluated the source.

In the end, I realized the problem stemmed from the source and not from my writing. And, with that clobbering realization, my soul screamed HELL NO.

I am a Writer.

I didn’t wake up at 40 and decide I wanted to write. I started writing at ten years old because it was my passion. That has never changed.

Then I remembered that there was an American Idol contestant who was turned away…only to return and grab a golden ticket during a different season.

I Want My Golden Ticket.

The only way to get that ticket and appear on the main stage is to KEEP WRITING. So I started this blog to help empower and inspire others.

Yesterday afternoon a friend sent me a message to let me know she forwarded one of my blogs to a friend. Her friend asked her to tell me the post touched her and changed her.

Words have power. They carry weight. If I positively impact one person, it is tangible proof that I definitely can write and, more than that, that I SHOULD.

The Inspiration Room.

Yesterday, I found myself in a conference room named the Inspiration Room. I thought THIS is where I want to LIVE. I can do that by continuing to blog.

I am literally setting up camp in a virtual inspiration room.

PLEASE find your inspiration room and let no one chase you from it.

Turning a Negative into a Positive.

Finally, growth is often borne of pain. My lack of confidence, spurred on by a comment, motivated me to create this blog and write MORE.

If you have a dream, don’t let it escape like helium from a balloon. Plug the hole and let the balloon soar through the sky.

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  1. Please keep writing! I’m so glad you came back to your authentic truth that you are a writer! Someone will always be there to knock another person down but we can let it hit our windshield and wipe it off because it is not our truth.

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