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Growing Pains Often Lead to New Beginnings

When Life Hurts…

It’s easy to get stuck.

Life is hard. There is a place, standing on the outskirts of grace, that we all must occasionally visit.

We visit this place of pain because we have to. You may find yourself there because of heartbreak, grief, illness, depression, work stress, toxic relationships, and much more.

When I am in deep personal pain, I tell myself I’m stuck. You may feel the same way, but let’s challenge that notion.

If pain is part of life, and it is, are we really stuck when we walk through it? It may feel paralyzing and that we are traveling nowhere, but that is negative self-talk that only makes moving forward harder.

I say that this pain is on the outskirts of grace because it is. Every time I have walked through trauma or pain, grace has stood at the precipice. It was there all along. It doesn’t move. WE DO.

How to Walk Through Pain

And get to grace.

Emotional pain is hard. It cannot be stopped or rushed through. Accept that it takes time to get to the other side.

Remember your last emotional pitfall and where it led you. I bet it eventually pushed you in a different and healthier direction. At a minimum, it increased your capacity for empathy and provided an experience that others will find valuable.

Love yourself enough to know it’s ok not to be okay. Practice self-care – it is an antidote for self-hatred.

Keep your eye on the prize. Feel the pain but know that nothing in life is constant. If there is one thing we can count on, it’s that everything is temporary. Even pain.

If you are on the floor sobbing (I sob on the floor. Does anyone else do this?), remember that joy still lives. Look for it in the trees, in the sunset, in the singing birds, and the sand beneath your toes. Wherever you go, LOOK FOR LIFE. That’s where the hope is.

New Beginnings

Congratulations, you’ve made it.

One day, out of the clear blue sky, grace will fall INTO you. Your pain will ease ever so gently. And, with trepidation, you WILL take a step forward.

That step is life-changing. It means you have grown. You are stronger than you knew.

Now you can plan your new beginning. At the edge of every painful process, is a fresh start. You deserve it. We all do.

Own it. Keep following the grace until pain once again says hello. When that happens, you’ll be better prepared.


Go forth, show yourself some unconditional love, and conquer.

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  1. I love the peace that this post provides. I can definitely relate to dwelling in a place just outside of grace and trying to get there.

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