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Quiet Empowerment

Empowerment Does Not Have a Volume

We should all feel empowered to be authentic and personally empowered at the same time.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am aware that some people mistake my sensitivity for weakness. The idea that kindness and empowerment are incongruous is false. Here are three ways to own the skin you’re in and remain empowered.

1. Self-Acceptance is Empowering

I am an empath. My Myers-Briggs personality profile is INFJ. (If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.)

Only 1-2 percent of the population are INFJs. This means that the vast majority of the world does NOT think the way I do. And, that is OK.

I do not believe I should change my personality to meet the world. Rather, I feel I should use my personality to improve the world.

Knowing my personality type and why I often feel misunderstood has helped me accept and love myself for exactly who I am. It also helps me accept and love others for exactly who they are.

A healthy self-esteem is empowering. When we stand strong in who we are, we can withstand negative people and experiences because outside forces NEED NOT change who we choose to be.


2. Quiet Determination is Empowering

We have all met the overtly determined. Some people do step on the toes of another to get ahead. That does not necessitate the need to act in kind if it is against our ethics to do so.

I don’t like being stepped on. Nobody does. But what I have learned about myself is that I dislike becoming someone I am not MORE. Retaliation feels wrong for me.

When someone steps on the toes of another intentionally, it is most likely due to an internal insecurity that they have. It isn’t a personal attack. It is an inner motivation fueled by some need THEY want to have filled.

Understanding this, we can fix our minds on letting situations play out naturally without adding our negative interference to the mix.

When drama arrives, and it will, I face it internally. I may cry and seethe privately, but I do not yell or strike back.

Handling negative situations in this way doesn’t make us meek. It makes us steady, reliable, and unflappable.

Trust me, remaining undeterred – with integrity in hand – is off-putting. Quiet determination to get through whatever the world throws at us is a sign of strength.


3. Patience is Empowering

Eventually, toxic and negative people lose. This is true of world leaders and ordinary people impacting our lives. Bad behavior does become transparent, and people begin to see what we may have seen all along – which is that some people are self-serving to an unnatural degree.

It may seem unassertive to wait for the world to see a manipulator, abuser, what have you, for who they are, but it isn’t. It is quiet. It is patient. It is faith that the world is just and that good wins over evil every time. It’s just a matter of when.

Be the mountain in the storm. Tornadoes may whip cars, trees, and homes to the ground, but mountains usually remain. They may be a little worse for wear, but they still stand in the same place they were before the tornado hit. Eventually, the storm passes, the sun comes out, and the mountain remains.

Standing still is POWERFUL.

We Can Be Quiet and Have a Voice at the Same Time

It is ok to be quiet and not change our internal goals to meet the external world. It is ok to be exactly who we are, remain true to ourselves, and wait for the world to right itself…because IT WILL.

Practicing patience, thwarting the desire to retaliate, and standing still may seem quiet. But it is not!

Silence has its own sound. It is palpable. Personal empowerment has its own voice and it is loud and clear.

Own yourself. Let that power of holding onto who you are under all conditions be your voice.




10 thoughts on “Quiet Empowerment”

  1. Thank you so much. Please send me the link to your blog! I followed on WordPress but couldn’t comment there. I just read your Me Too post and it gave me the chills.

  2. Wow, this post was so comforting and reassuring. I’m an INFJ too, and sometimes I feel like I need to be more outspoken, but it doesn’t feel right – so this message truly resonated with me. You are so right – “We can be quiet and have a voice at the same time.” I love it; thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the feedback. Self-acceptance is a journey, but it one worth taking!

  4. We are very similar. I sometimes react like an INFP. I never come out as an extravert though!!! xo

  5. Excellent!! And thank you for sharing the link to the personality test. I fall in 7% of the population 🙂 theCAMPAIGNER PERSONALITY (ENFP, -A/-T).

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