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How to Manifest Your Own Destiny


Manifesting your destiny is a lofty concept and not for the faint of heart. If you have the heart of a lion, and a will of steel, and want to change your life, read on. Why listen to me, you may ask? Because I have done it. I don’t mean to say that I have acted as my G d to bend life to my will. Instead, I have bent my will to G d’s, and held fast just long enough for Him to open the door to one new destiny after the other.

Step One

Set a goal and dream big. It doesn’t matter if you cannot see your way to it. Pick one thing you want to change. I have set goals to reinvent myself, to repair damaged relationships, to rebuild my credit, etc. The only rule is that you pick one clear goal at a time.

Step Two

Create a plan. This will take work (remember what I said about this not being for the faint of heart?) If you cannot figure out how to get from point A to B, ask someone who has accomplished your goal how they did it. If your goal is to change who you are, know that this will take vigilance, prayer, and constant action on your part. Change is not granted with a magic wand. Act your way into who you want to be until nobody recognizes who you once were. If you choose to repair a relationship, steel yourself for a possible uphill battle. Any relationship worth saving is worth climbing Mt. Everest to reach. (Be wary with the mountains you ascend. Not everyone is worth risking the journey for.)

Step Three

Put one foot in front of the other and follow your plan all day, every day. Caution! DO NOT put your foot down until you know it is well within the lines of ethical boundaries. If you even think your step forward will harm someone else, STAND STILL. You may have to stand still for years. Be prepared to do that with your head held high for as long as it takes for the right step forward to appear. Stepping forward with questionable motives may provide temporary satisfaction, but ultimately it will be at your own spiritual expense. Trust me; nothing is worth a guilty conscience.

Step Four

Practice mindfulness. Every day, look for signs that you are heading in the right direction. Don’t run through your life or you will miss all the tiny details and bread crumbs G d drops along your way. Keep your eyes wide open. If you have ever walked into a home and just “known” it was yours, you have this intuition. Use it, build it, and let it guide you forward – even when you are sure failure is imminent.

Step Five

Have faith that your destiny will change if you put enough blood, sweat, tears, and prayer behind it. In the moments that you lose faith, keep walking. If your heart is earnest and you walk with integrity, eventually one small thing will restore your belief. Wait for it.

Step Six

Never say die and be grateful. You may have to hold on for years and watch things change incrementally. CELEBRATE every single increment, no matter how small. Each eighth of an inch forward is proof that you are closer to the prize. Use each increment as motivation to keep on keeping on.

Step Seven

Know that G  d will show you the very moment the door swings all the way open. If the end of your journey is in sight and the land of milk and honey is at your feet, you will FEEL your arrival. Be careful not to rush through the wrong door. The closer you are to manifesting your destiny, the more anxious you will be to cross the finish line. Remember your goal. Remember that you must follow a just path to get there and that there have been signs and bread crumbs along the way. When you reach the rainbow, your heart will SING. YOU WILL KNOW. If you don’t know, you aren’t there yet. Be patient. It’s around the corner. Don’t rob yourself of the moment of reckoning you have been yearning for.

Step Eight

Walk into your goal and ring the damn bell. Thank G d for helping you finally make it. Cry for the work you put in to get HERE. Spin in circles. Dance in the rain. Hug a stranger. Let the accomplishment of deliberate steadfastness sink into your bones.

Step Nine 

Relax. You have made it. Rest. Kick your shoes off and throw them across the floor. It’s time to create a new normal for yourself in your new destination.

Step Ten

Create Goal Two. You’ve already moved one mountain. It’s time to move another.

5 thoughts on “How to Manifest Your Own Destiny”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and it’s just what I needed! Ready to have tunnel vision and focus on reaching my goal, no matter what.

  2. How true, said so beautifully! It does feel great to ring the freaking bell! The changes have taken 10 years…10 long sometimes painful years, but worth every lesson, every tear and every small success to get me to where I am. I am grateful for those in my life who held my hand and gave me encouragement. (AH)! xoxoxo

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